The Final Rose

Ok, indulge me for just like two seconds. I have multiple minor obsessions. These include traveling, drawing on my chalkboard, Lilly Pulitzer, sweet tea, the works. Another one of my obsessions is The Bachelor. And tonight was *dramatic music* the final rose. See, I’ve been watching this since Ben’s season (what a jerk) and basically it’s the best thing on my DVR all week, minus Pretty Little Liars and anything from the travel channel… Being the Bachelorette has pretty much been my life dream (read: past three years and/or since Emily’s season). Like I have got this plan down, it’s foolproof really. I join The Bachelor, become the one everyone likes and is sweet but not obnoxious but sadly I get kicked off around fourth, much to everyone’s dismay I might add, then the producers beg me to be the next bachelorette and I act surprised/indecisive when really we all know that’s what I wanted all along and it’s a great, two month party with a bunch of hotties in foreign lands. I mean, clothing budget + traveling + private concerts?! I’m in. Who cares about that whole “finding love” part. Anyways, since I’ve obviously thought a lot about this I’ve also thought about dresses… Here are some of the dresses I would grace if this were to happen tomorrow*.









This one is probably my favorite. I’d wear it on the talking part to be like ha!! Look what y’all missed out on, I look hot.

*these dresses also could work for things such as! oh I don’t know, prom… That green one is definitely a contender for our Masquerade Ball themed prom. The short ones would be major for homecoming and formals. Just in case you’re a little more realistic then me.

{all dress found on Rent the Runway}


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