Monday’s Most Loved

I’d say it’s been a pretty good Monday so far… And it’s almost over so really not “so far” it’s been a good Monday. Period. I’ve got lots of reasons to smile right now! My little sister came back from Hollywood Vibe dance convention this weekend with a two golds and a high gold (two third places and one second) and she was thrilled to tell me one of her instructors was on Shake It Up and Glee. Last night StuGo (student government) more or less (less) broke into the school to valentine-ify the school with hearts EVERYWHERE!! We busted out 753 hearts for every kid in the school and covered the main hallway in them for a bit of a Valentine’s Day surprise. And let’s just say last night was a party! Hopefully administration doesn’t look at the video tapes, for StuGo kids we know how to have a good time. Keeping with the lovey theme this Monday’s Most Loved is all about the heart. Here goes it!

This stationary from J. Crew is just too perfect. I’m a sucker for anything you can write on/with and light pink so this is a must.

These were my last year’s valentines for my friends that will most definitely be making a come back on the blog this week!

Can we just take a minute to gush over this. I’m obsessed with Ban.Do and these hearts are completely necessary.

Can these be a thing?! Please?!


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