Monday’s Most Loved

This weekend has been a pretty chill (in both the figurative and the literal meaning) weekend. My grandparents came to town and when they’re here, there’s never a dull moment. I wish they loved closer, but it’s fun to get to catch up all at once. I’m so lucky to have such great role models in my life- both my grandmas and my mom are such amazing women and I love having all three here at one time. Here are the things I’m loving this Monday morning!

Okay, here’s one thing about my grandparents you have to understand. My grandpa is the most reserved person I know. He’s never one to be silly or get embarrassed. But Friday night, he suggested we go to a restaurant for one reason besides the food- karaoke. Holy wow, singing karaoke with them was the best! And the Shirley Temples were good too 😉

Ahhhhhh concert!!! Eek I’m so excited for this one, I saw Fall Out Boy in September but Red Rocks will make them even better!

This book. Oh my goodness. Started it last night and I’m about 2 chapters away from the end. But there will be no spoilers from me!

Tebow can crash my Bible study anytime he wants. The Super Bowl was a downside to the weekend, but hey, Bruno was great.

Greece!! I’m going in July and pictures like this only make me want to pack my bags more!!


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