Best Darn Cookie Cake

My best friend in the entire world is turning seventeen on Sunday. Now I’ve know this lovely lady for about seven years, almost half of our lives, and we’ve been best friends for about five out of those seven, so I know the way she works pretty well. She is so bubbly and fun and never ceases to make me smile, so when her mom may or may not have canceled her birthday party because we may or may not have had our own mini party at her house when her mom wasn’t home after she may or may not have told us not to… I felt it was my best friend obligation to throw her a seventh period party! Now, I’ve been to a lot of her parties, and every year she gets a cookie cake because she is crazy and doesn’t like cake or frosting very much. This year I decided to try my hand at her tradition and make her one!! White chocolate chip cookie cake… Yum!

White chocolate, hold the macadamia nuts (nuts are gross unless they’ve been smothered into peanut butter and had sugar added to them)

Here’s the dough all smashed into the cake pan

And here’s me licking the spoon, usually the best part of any recipe

All in all, our off block mini party was quite a success, and she loved the cake 🙂 Maybe next year we’ll have a real party….


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