Shampoo Commercial Status

My mom has always loved to tell people how much of a little chemist I was when I was younger. In those words. Little chemist. Seriously it’s too bad that didn’t follow me through high school because let’s be real here, I got a C in chemistry last year. But really what she means is that most of my summer days were spent down the street with my friend Kimi’s in her treehouse or in one of our back yard pools (chlorine water was the ideal substance, obviously) concocting endless amounts of “potions” (there it is, the Disney princess in me coming out with the word potion). I had stacks of books about making your own this or that or at home spa days that I poured over ravenously. We had beakers (empty pop bottles) and stove tops (pizza boxes with aluminum foil) set up at the ready for our latest and greatest experiment. One time I even came close to dying my hair green- children should not be allowed food coloring at their own digression.
What has followed me through high school is my love for products. Any and all kinds of beauty potions are my favorite. The newest Essie shade? Bought it at Target two weeks ago. Birchbox points? Yeah I’ve got tons. Take me to Lush and I will melt like one of their fizzy bath bombs, and you’ll also probably have to drag me out. Pinterest has only been fuel to this fire burning inside of me. Over the two years I’ve been pinning though there has always been this recurring equation for “gorgeous, super-model-like hair” that I have never actually tried. But today was different. I gathered all the ingredients (all one of them) and was ready for action. And let me tell you, Pinterest don’t lie honey. I feel like I can use all those adjectives that are thrown around carelessly in shampoo commercials right now about my own curly tresses, and it feels great.


What you need:
1/2 cup of olive oil
Something to tie your hair up with
A towel that can get all gross and oily
Your gorgeous hair
Two hours that you won’t need to be seen by the outside world ie hot guys, evil nemesis’s, anyone you might want to look good for

What you do:
Heat up the olive oil for about 30 seconds. You don’t want it to be hot hot because hot hot is no bueno for your hair. Just warm enough is good. Go somewhere that oil could be cleaned easily, I recommend a bathroom. Put on a shirt you don’t care if you get oil on, definitely not your cutest top. Take the oil on your fingers and massage it into your scalp and ends. Really focus on the ends because those need major moisture a lot of times. Make sure your hair is covered in olive oil, but not really dripping. Okay now here’s the fun part. Go somewhere that you could prop yourself up on the wall and lay a towel on the ground. Now try and do a headstand!! You need to be upside down for about four minutes. I had fun seeing how long I could last but I guess you could always do it the boring way by laying over your bed or a couch or something too. After that tie up your hair so that it’s in a cool little bandana turban and wait for two hours doing whatever you’d like. Then wash out the oil! It took me three shampoos to get the lather that means your hair is clean so don’t worry if it doesn’t come out after one wash. Condition as you normal would and style as you’d like. When you get out just feel how touchably soft your hair is!!

I know, you can thank me after you’ve done the super sexy hair flip about a million times.


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