Monday’s Most Loved

Monday’s get a pretty bad rap. But I for one love Mondays!! You know, if you go through your life hating Mondays you’re going to go through life hating a 1/7th of it!! That’s kind of a lot of you life. Like a whole 14%. So in order to keep spirits high on Mondays from here on out I’m going to post my favorite things going on right now. Here goes nothing!

I got Jane Eyre for Christmas and I’m so close to finishing it!! Such a good book

I’m loving watching the X-Games, too bad it’s four hours away and I have to watch it on the television

This installation at the Denver Art Museum is beyond. I’m thinking maybe a room DIY coming up soon…?

The Royal Concept (plus Misterwives plus American Authors) was over a month ago but I’m still obsessing over their tunes

I’m on a major spiritual high right now after a weekend retreat with my church- God is just so amazing


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