New Year’s resolutions can be quite a bit daunting. I mean you’re making a promise, no, a rule, for yourself to keep for an entire 365 days. And what if you change throughout those 365 days? What if there is no longer time to bake something extravagant every week or finish all 50 classics you intend to read or watch every movie nominated for the oscars. And then when this change comes and the resolution is no longer held up and then January comes because I swear time moves faster now and you feel bad because you didn’t follow these steps to become the “very best you you could be” but you know what, you did become the best you you could be by not following rules. So what is the point of resolutions? I myself don’t really care for rules and things to follow, or at least I like to picture myself as one of those kinds of people. I still tend to be very list oriented and I still follow my Lilly Pulitzer planner like it’s the Bible but you know what I would really love to be more of a right-now, in-the-moment, spontaneous, rules-are-made-to-be-broken kind of person. And every year that seems to be my New Years resolution. Because as much as I hate them, I still make that list, and still hope to better myself in every way I can. I do have a list of 50 classics I’d like to get through in 2014 and I vow to keep up with writing, personally and for my little blog, but I also resolve to be the person I want to be. Because that’s the best any of us can really do right? Be the person we really and truly want to be and live life every day from that person. So hopefully I’ll be that spontaneous, artistic, creative person I want to be in 2014.


And you know what, just to show we didn’t really care, New Years morning my best friend and I went to Krispy Kreme just to spite all the poor people in the gym.


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