Holiday High

The time in between Thanksgiving and the day after New Years is always a personal high for myself. I love love love the holidays and everything that comes with it. The extra time off with family, the food, the gift giving and recieving, the parties! It really is what everyone says it is, the most wonderful time of the year. I adore it and I adore planning each and every outfit for each and every event I will be attending. So after New Year’s Eve happens and everyone goes back to a vanilla lifestyle, I slowly die inside waiting for the next moment it’s socially acceptable to wear sequins for brunch (not that I don’t do that anyway… I just get some weirder looks for it). Normally the next holiday I get to go over the top for is valentines day, which is pretty great, except I also never have a boyfriend for that holiday so the outfit plus the loneliness kinda cancel each other out. But this year is different. Because this year I’m a junior, and you know what that means? PROM!! When you’re a little girl, prom is on,y second to your wedding day, and even then, it’s a close second, because who knows if you’ll get married? But everyone gets to go to prom! So it’s practically better. (I won’t be saying that as I try on glamorous wedding dresses while planning my dream wedding some day but for now it’s all I got). Prom you can get away with anything. Except most people choose not to, sticking to their Macy’s bought dresses that some other girl is bound to have which will obviously take off into a game of who wore it better and some girl regretting she ever pick that dress that made her feel like a princess at one point. I refuse to be that girl. So, as my rebellion proceeds I’ve scoured every back April issue of Teen Vogue I have in my possession (I have 7…. You should see my magazine collection… 5 subscriptions for about 6 years each and I never throw them away because they’re my archives for times like this…. I have a problem) and created a specific board on Pinterest because yes. I think I’ve narrowed it down at least a little, I just know I want to stand out. Maybe vintage, maybe red, maybe blue to make my eyes pop, make something covered in sequins. That’s about all I’ve got so far. But hey, I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated in the riveting experience that is prom dress shopping.



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