Willamina J.

So, I kinda dropped off the face of the planet… My bad. Turns out junior year is a whole lots busier then I thought it would be. But *drum roll please* I’ve been working on a new project lately!

I opened an Etsy shop! And it’s called Willamina J!

What? You may be thinking. How can she manage an Etsy if she can’t even manage a blog?! Well people of the blogoverse I promise I will get better. I solemnly swear I am up to no good and that no good will directly translate into blog posts a’plenty and beautiful items. Here’s a sample of what that beautiful item may look like…


Speaking of shops though, if you want to hop on over to mine it’s really exciting! Like I’m really really excited. And I’m against using really as an adjective but I’m at a loss for words! (That’s a first for me, let me tell you.) Use those great little fingers of yours an click on this link right here:

Willamina J.

Then go and like it up for me! Favorite the items, follow the shop, create a treasury of pretty things that include mine! And please please please please please tell your friends about me! If you Pinterest my painting I will seriously love you forever. And I mean forever.

Ok, so even though it’s November (less then two months left of 2013 and I have vowed to end it with a bang) here’s to new beginnings! Beginnings of shops and being a better blogger. Because who needs New Years to make a resolution? Not me!


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