Pumpkin Pickin’


Pumpkin patches have always been the real fall kickoff for my family. In California we would go every October to our friends pumpkin patch and ride the train, pet the llamas and of course find *the* perfect pumpkin. It’s was our family place, my dad worked there in high school, him and my mom went there when he brought her home for Christmas break (it doubled as a Christmas tree farm in December) and we have pictures of us there every fall and winter since the year I was born. When we moved to Colorado we had a bit of a hard time finding a place to go that compared to the Osteen’s but 3 years ago we finally found the place. It’s the cutest old man’s farm with about 30 pumpkins of each size. And he sits and talks to you as you try to pick which one would make the perfect jack’o’lantern and it’s basically the epitome of fall. I’m slightly obsessed. And we even got to pick our own celery and cauliflower from the feild, talk about am autumn experience!






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