Rainy Days

Something happens to me when I’m stuck inside for an extended period of time. My inner domestic goddess reaches out and takes hold of my high school persona which is perfectly content letting Madre do the cooking. And cleaning. And crafting (ok let’s be real here, I have no life, I craft plenty, but two sounded wrong.) If y’all have seen at all, Colorado is basically flooded. Like highways closing flooded. We even got a four day weekend for it! But because of this flooding everyone is being told to stay inside and *stay off the roads*. So I have now been inside for over 24 hours and we’re going on 48 today and I am about to go crazy. Here are some ideas for rainy days wherever you are:

{something about peanut butter cookies just screams warm rainy day to me}

{first off, this blog post: adorable! second, how fun would it be to add pompoms to pillows? or anything really, the list could be endless}

{i know the elbow patch trend was from last fall, but I still think its a great way to add a little something to old sweaters, make your own here}

{this roasted garlic, chicken and white herb pizza looks to die for. and it’ll keep you warm while its cold out}

{i get that these are very not-rainy-day-worthy but in colorado peaches are at their prime in september, so how could you not take advantage? and anything peach will put you in a sunny state of mind}

{get literal with this whole rainy day theme and make some cute rain cloud pillows! you could do so much with these! ps i know this link is to buy the pillows, but how easy would it be to make these?! or you could do what i do and get your online shop on, no judging here}

{i have a thing for paper flowers, they make me feel so anthropologie-worthy! and these are the simplest i’ve found by far}

{i’m in love with this, and the feathers are even stamped from potatoes! beyond brilliant. and perfect for curling up by the fire}

{i have a thing for polka dots. anything with spots immediately catches my attention and this is no exception. all you need is a mug, gold sharpie and some creativity, let the sharpie set for 10 minutes then into the oven it goes at 350 for 30 minutes!}

{now that you have a pretty mug for hot coco, you need homemade marshmallows to make it even more decadent. let me tell you something, you may think you like marshmallows, but you haven’t lived till you have homemade marshmallows, try it out when you have plenty of at home time}


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