These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Now that September is official, I’m dying to wear sweaters and jeans and scarves and boots. It’s seriously killing me that it is still a cheerful 90 degrees here in beautiful Colorado. I mean who wants hot sunshine when it’s nine months into the year? Anyways, I’ve always had a thing for shoes. My mom still tells the story of when I was four and my grandma wrapped a Christmas present of mine in a shoe box, seeing the box I screamed with glee only to realize it was not shoes as I had hoped but rather some brightly colored toy I had circled in a catalog. Being the drama queen I was (and still can be) I cried. All over shoes. So when a new season hits, I get that same giddy feeling of new shoes, it’s not like clothes that can transition with some layers; shoes need to be updated seasonally! And that’s probably one of my favorite parts of a new season. So as soon as September hits I start scouring the racks for boots in every color and height. A few years back I found the most amazing Italian leather booties on sale at Zara and they are still on rotation in my closet. These are my favorites of the season so far, I might have to pick up a pair or two. Or three. But who’s counting?

{all shoes available from Shoe Dazzle}


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