The Final Rose

Ok, indulge me for just like two seconds. I have multiple minor obsessions. These include traveling, drawing on my chalkboard, Lilly Pulitzer, sweet tea, the works. Another one of my obsessions is The Bachelor. And tonight was *dramatic music* the final rose. See, I’ve been watching this since Ben’s season (what a jerk) and basically it’s the best thing on my DVR all week, minus Pretty Little Liars and anything from the travel channel… Being the Bachelorette has pretty much been my life dream (read: past three years and/or since Emily’s season). Like I have got this plan down, it’s foolproof really. I join The Bachelor, become the one everyone likes and is sweet but not obnoxious but sadly I get kicked off around fourth, much to everyone’s dismay I might add, then the producers beg me to be the next bachelorette and I act surprised/indecisive when really we all know that’s what I wanted all along and it’s a great, two month party with a bunch of hotties in foreign lands. I mean, clothing budget + traveling + private concerts?! I’m in. Who cares about that whole “finding love” part. Anyways, since I’ve obviously thought a lot about this I’ve also thought about dresses… Here are some of the dresses I would grace if this were to happen tomorrow*.









This one is probably my favorite. I’d wear it on the talking part to be like ha!! Look what y’all missed out on, I look hot.

*these dresses also could work for things such as! oh I don’t know, prom… That green one is definitely a contender for our Masquerade Ball themed prom. The short ones would be major for homecoming and formals. Just in case you’re a little more realistic then me.

{all dress found on Rent the Runway}


Monday’s Most Loved

I’d say it’s been a pretty good Monday so far… And it’s almost over so really not “so far” it’s been a good Monday. Period. I’ve got lots of reasons to smile right now! My little sister came back from Hollywood Vibe dance convention this weekend with a two golds and a high gold (two third places and one second) and she was thrilled to tell me one of her instructors was on Shake It Up and Glee. Last night StuGo (student government) more or less (less) broke into the school to valentine-ify the school with hearts EVERYWHERE!! We busted out 753 hearts for every kid in the school and covered the main hallway in them for a bit of a Valentine’s Day surprise. And let’s just say last night was a party! Hopefully administration doesn’t look at the video tapes, for StuGo kids we know how to have a good time. Keeping with the lovey theme this Monday’s Most Loved is all about the heart. Here goes it!

This stationary from J. Crew is just too perfect. I’m a sucker for anything you can write on/with and light pink so this is a must.

These were my last year’s valentines for my friends that will most definitely be making a come back on the blog this week!

Can we just take a minute to gush over this. I’m obsessed with Ban.Do and these hearts are completely necessary.

Can these be a thing?! Please?!

Monday’s Most Loved

This weekend has been a pretty chill (in both the figurative and the literal meaning) weekend. My grandparents came to town and when they’re here, there’s never a dull moment. I wish they loved closer, but it’s fun to get to catch up all at once. I’m so lucky to have such great role models in my life- both my grandmas and my mom are such amazing women and I love having all three here at one time. Here are the things I’m loving this Monday morning!

Okay, here’s one thing about my grandparents you have to understand. My grandpa is the most reserved person I know. He’s never one to be silly or get embarrassed. But Friday night, he suggested we go to a restaurant for one reason besides the food- karaoke. Holy wow, singing karaoke with them was the best! And the Shirley Temples were good too 😉

Ahhhhhh concert!!! Eek I’m so excited for this one, I saw Fall Out Boy in September but Red Rocks will make them even better!

This book. Oh my goodness. Started it last night and I’m about 2 chapters away from the end. But there will be no spoilers from me!

Tebow can crash my Bible study anytime he wants. The Super Bowl was a downside to the weekend, but hey, Bruno was great.

Greece!! I’m going in July and pictures like this only make me want to pack my bags more!!

Best Darn Cookie Cake

My best friend in the entire world is turning seventeen on Sunday. Now I’ve know this lovely lady for about seven years, almost half of our lives, and we’ve been best friends for about five out of those seven, so I know the way she works pretty well. She is so bubbly and fun and never ceases to make me smile, so when her mom may or may not have canceled her birthday party because we may or may not have had our own mini party at her house when her mom wasn’t home after she may or may not have told us not to… I felt it was my best friend obligation to throw her a seventh period party! Now, I’ve been to a lot of her parties, and every year she gets a cookie cake because she is crazy and doesn’t like cake or frosting very much. This year I decided to try my hand at her tradition and make her one!! White chocolate chip cookie cake… Yum!

White chocolate, hold the macadamia nuts (nuts are gross unless they’ve been smothered into peanut butter and had sugar added to them)

Here’s the dough all smashed into the cake pan

And here’s me licking the spoon, usually the best part of any recipe

All in all, our off block mini party was quite a success, and she loved the cake 🙂 Maybe next year we’ll have a real party….

Shampoo Commercial Status

My mom has always loved to tell people how much of a little chemist I was when I was younger. In those words. Little chemist. Seriously it’s too bad that didn’t follow me through high school because let’s be real here, I got a C in chemistry last year. But really what she means is that most of my summer days were spent down the street with my friend Kimi’s in her treehouse or in one of our back yard pools (chlorine water was the ideal substance, obviously) concocting endless amounts of “potions” (there it is, the Disney princess in me coming out with the word potion). I had stacks of books about making your own this or that or at home spa days that I poured over ravenously. We had beakers (empty pop bottles) and stove tops (pizza boxes with aluminum foil) set up at the ready for our latest and greatest experiment. One time I even came close to dying my hair green- children should not be allowed food coloring at their own digression.
What has followed me through high school is my love for products. Any and all kinds of beauty potions are my favorite. The newest Essie shade? Bought it at Target two weeks ago. Birchbox points? Yeah I’ve got tons. Take me to Lush and I will melt like one of their fizzy bath bombs, and you’ll also probably have to drag me out. Pinterest has only been fuel to this fire burning inside of me. Over the two years I’ve been pinning though there has always been this recurring equation for “gorgeous, super-model-like hair” that I have never actually tried. But today was different. I gathered all the ingredients (all one of them) and was ready for action. And let me tell you, Pinterest don’t lie honey. I feel like I can use all those adjectives that are thrown around carelessly in shampoo commercials right now about my own curly tresses, and it feels great.


What you need:
1/2 cup of olive oil
Something to tie your hair up with
A towel that can get all gross and oily
Your gorgeous hair
Two hours that you won’t need to be seen by the outside world ie hot guys, evil nemesis’s, anyone you might want to look good for

What you do:
Heat up the olive oil for about 30 seconds. You don’t want it to be hot hot because hot hot is no bueno for your hair. Just warm enough is good. Go somewhere that oil could be cleaned easily, I recommend a bathroom. Put on a shirt you don’t care if you get oil on, definitely not your cutest top. Take the oil on your fingers and massage it into your scalp and ends. Really focus on the ends because those need major moisture a lot of times. Make sure your hair is covered in olive oil, but not really dripping. Okay now here’s the fun part. Go somewhere that you could prop yourself up on the wall and lay a towel on the ground. Now try and do a headstand!! You need to be upside down for about four minutes. I had fun seeing how long I could last but I guess you could always do it the boring way by laying over your bed or a couch or something too. After that tie up your hair so that it’s in a cool little bandana turban and wait for two hours doing whatever you’d like. Then wash out the oil! It took me three shampoos to get the lather that means your hair is clean so don’t worry if it doesn’t come out after one wash. Condition as you normal would and style as you’d like. When you get out just feel how touchably soft your hair is!!

I know, you can thank me after you’ve done the super sexy hair flip about a million times.

Monday’s Most Loved

Monday’s get a pretty bad rap. But I for one love Mondays!! You know, if you go through your life hating Mondays you’re going to go through life hating a 1/7th of it!! That’s kind of a lot of you life. Like a whole 14%. So in order to keep spirits high on Mondays from here on out I’m going to post my favorite things going on right now. Here goes nothing!

I got Jane Eyre for Christmas and I’m so close to finishing it!! Such a good book

I’m loving watching the X-Games, too bad it’s four hours away and I have to watch it on the television

This installation at the Denver Art Museum is beyond. I’m thinking maybe a room DIY coming up soon…?

The Royal Concept (plus Misterwives plus American Authors) was over a month ago but I’m still obsessing over their tunes

I’m on a major spiritual high right now after a weekend retreat with my church- God is just so amazing

Holiday High

The time in between Thanksgiving and the day after New Years is always a personal high for myself. I love love love the holidays and everything that comes with it. The extra time off with family, the food, the gift giving and recieving, the parties! It really is what everyone says it is, the most wonderful time of the year. I adore it and I adore planning each and every outfit for each and every event I will be attending. So after New Year’s Eve happens and everyone goes back to a vanilla lifestyle, I slowly die inside waiting for the next moment it’s socially acceptable to wear sequins for brunch (not that I don’t do that anyway… I just get some weirder looks for it). Normally the next holiday I get to go over the top for is valentines day, which is pretty great, except I also never have a boyfriend for that holiday so the outfit plus the loneliness kinda cancel each other out. But this year is different. Because this year I’m a junior, and you know what that means? PROM!! When you’re a little girl, prom is on,y second to your wedding day, and even then, it’s a close second, because who knows if you’ll get married? But everyone gets to go to prom! So it’s practically better. (I won’t be saying that as I try on glamorous wedding dresses while planning my dream wedding some day but for now it’s all I got). Prom you can get away with anything. Except most people choose not to, sticking to their Macy’s bought dresses that some other girl is bound to have which will obviously take off into a game of who wore it better and some girl regretting she ever pick that dress that made her feel like a princess at one point. I refuse to be that girl. So, as my rebellion proceeds I’ve scoured every back April issue of Teen Vogue I have in my possession (I have 7…. You should see my magazine collection… 5 subscriptions for about 6 years each and I never throw them away because they’re my archives for times like this…. I have a problem) and created a specific board on Pinterest because yes. I think I’ve narrowed it down at least a little, I just know I want to stand out. Maybe vintage, maybe red, maybe blue to make my eyes pop, make something covered in sequins. That’s about all I’ve got so far. But hey, I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated in the riveting experience that is prom dress shopping.



New Year’s resolutions can be quite a bit daunting. I mean you’re making a promise, no, a rule, for yourself to keep for an entire 365 days. And what if you change throughout those 365 days? What if there is no longer time to bake something extravagant every week or finish all 50 classics you intend to read or watch every movie nominated for the oscars. And then when this change comes and the resolution is no longer held up and then January comes because I swear time moves faster now and you feel bad because you didn’t follow these steps to become the “very best you you could be” but you know what, you did become the best you you could be by not following rules. So what is the point of resolutions? I myself don’t really care for rules and things to follow, or at least I like to picture myself as one of those kinds of people. I still tend to be very list oriented and I still follow my Lilly Pulitzer planner like it’s the Bible but you know what I would really love to be more of a right-now, in-the-moment, spontaneous, rules-are-made-to-be-broken kind of person. And every year that seems to be my New Years resolution. Because as much as I hate them, I still make that list, and still hope to better myself in every way I can. I do have a list of 50 classics I’d like to get through in 2014 and I vow to keep up with writing, personally and for my little blog, but I also resolve to be the person I want to be. Because that’s the best any of us can really do right? Be the person we really and truly want to be and live life every day from that person. So hopefully I’ll be that spontaneous, artistic, creative person I want to be in 2014.


And you know what, just to show we didn’t really care, New Years morning my best friend and I went to Krispy Kreme just to spite all the poor people in the gym.

Willamina J.

So, I kinda dropped off the face of the planet… My bad. Turns out junior year is a whole lots busier then I thought it would be. But *drum roll please* I’ve been working on a new project lately!

I opened an Etsy shop! And it’s called Willamina J!

What? You may be thinking. How can she manage an Etsy if she can’t even manage a blog?! Well people of the blogoverse I promise I will get better. I solemnly swear I am up to no good and that no good will directly translate into blog posts a’plenty and beautiful items. Here’s a sample of what that beautiful item may look like…


Speaking of shops though, if you want to hop on over to mine it’s really exciting! Like I’m really really excited. And I’m against using really as an adjective but I’m at a loss for words! (That’s a first for me, let me tell you.) Use those great little fingers of yours an click on this link right here:

Willamina J.

Then go and like it up for me! Favorite the items, follow the shop, create a treasury of pretty things that include mine! And please please please please please tell your friends about me! If you Pinterest my painting I will seriously love you forever. And I mean forever.

Ok, so even though it’s November (less then two months left of 2013 and I have vowed to end it with a bang) here’s to new beginnings! Beginnings of shops and being a better blogger. Because who needs New Years to make a resolution? Not me!

Pumpkin Pickin’


Pumpkin patches have always been the real fall kickoff for my family. In California we would go every October to our friends pumpkin patch and ride the train, pet the llamas and of course find *the* perfect pumpkin. It’s was our family place, my dad worked there in high school, him and my mom went there when he brought her home for Christmas break (it doubled as a Christmas tree farm in December) and we have pictures of us there every fall and winter since the year I was born. When we moved to Colorado we had a bit of a hard time finding a place to go that compared to the Osteen’s but 3 years ago we finally found the place. It’s the cutest old man’s farm with about 30 pumpkins of each size. And he sits and talks to you as you try to pick which one would make the perfect jack’o’lantern and it’s basically the epitome of fall. I’m slightly obsessed. And we even got to pick our own celery and cauliflower from the feild, talk about am autumn experience!